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Strawberries - Sweet & Toxic

Did you ever wonder why a happy, content and loving little child can turn into a monster before your eyes?  White sugars and refined pasties have this effect.  What about fresh fruit?  
Fruit is supposed to be good for us, isn’t it?  However, although all fruit may be created equally, not all fruit is grown equally, and there is a huge difference between fruit that is grown organically and fruit that is sprayed with all sorts of toxic poisons.
Strawberries for instance is one fruit that I will ONLY eat if they are organically grown.  My sensitive children have taught me well that conventional strawberries have the potential to change behaviors, and with unruly behaviors come learning disabilities. Allow me to share two experiences that may open your eyes to the possibility that a bowl of fresh strawberries may be poisoning our children’s minds and bodies.
When Josh was young, I noticed that conventional strawberries had an emotional effect upon his behaviors; they would make him cry and sob.  For hours he had no control over his emotions.  I quickly learned that the only strawberries my sensitive little son could eat without a reaction were those that were grown organically.  The strawberries in my strawberry patch caused no reaction! 
Fast forward 25 years and my two-year-old grandson is visiting from Denver. Connor is a happy, content, loving little body.  He is a joy to spend time with. He, like his Uncle Josh, is a highly evolved sensitive little being, one who is quite fussy about what he will allow himself to eat.  My daughter is constantly trying to introduce new food groups into his diet and goat yogurt with strawberries was one he happily consumed.  For two days I fed him a half a cup of this delicious new snack. Like a little bird, Connor opened his mouth willingly.  
By day two, Connor’s behavior turned ugly. He cried and hit; anger was spewing all over the place.  I no longer recognized my grandson. It was then that I decided to read the yogurt label.  The strawberries were not organic.  I immediately eliminated the yogurt and Connor soon stopped his unruly behavior.  
It took two days to completely detox the poisons from his body; soon I had my content, happy and loving little boy back.  Life was good again.  
Children love to learn and Connor is no exception.  We sit together for hours with books, letters and puzzles; his little mind absorbs everything I teach him.  Imagine however, trying to teach a child who has just been poisoned by toxic chemicals.  My point is, can something as simple as a bowl of fresh fruit cause irrational behaviors and learning disabilities?  I think it is time to consider the possibility.
Strawberries can be sprayed with 50 highly toxic chemicals.  They may look pretty on our plates, but they can be poisons to our bodies.  Would we ever consciously choose to poison our children?  Maybe its time to consciously choose to stop. You can see a list of the worst sprayed fruits and veggies here:

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  1. A friend of mine who lived in California for a long time said that it was common there to refer to conventional strawberries as "methyl bromide berries", as methyl bromide gas was used as a soil sterilant and pesticide. It's not only poisonous to us but to the atmosphere. Recently a friend said he was sitting next to high ranking Canadian FDA official on a plane trip, and asked her what foods she absolutely would not eat. Conventional strawberries-- she said she would allow herself only one per year. 'Nuff said.