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Foods to Avoid

The quality of our food is just as important as the quality of our water. Josh's food was always inspected before eating. Organic was always best. His food had to be free of anything artificial whether it be chemicals, preservatives or colors. White flours and white sugars became a way of the past and organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits became his mainstay. The better he ate, the happier he became, physically and emotionally.

I am always amazed when I watch children with ADD, ADHD or autism being given drinks with colors or caffeine, not to mention the exhorbitant amount of white sugars. These drinks have to go. Water is the answer, and it has to be pure spring water. Water with fresh lemon and pure maple syrup is also helpful to cleanse the system of toxins. However, don't use it as a replacement for pure water throughout the day.

Cow products also affected Josh's ability to breath and digest properly, so we turned our attention to goat, sheep, soy and rice alternatives. Goat and sheep products helped him maintain the healthy fat levels essential to his growing body.

Cleaning products and detergents were replaced with more natural choices. And scents were avoided along with fumes. Yes, that includes all your fancy perfumes and cosmetics whose odors linger long after you have left the room!

Our world and our choices affected Joshua; the more green are home and environment, the healthier Joshua became. It was a win-win situation for our whole family.

Family support was essential to his healing. We did not have special foods for Josh. If he could not tolerate a certain food, the rest of us went without. And with each change in our lives, we watched all of us become healthier and happier.

At 27, Joshua continues to nurture and accept himself for who he is. As he grows he continues to heal and learn more about himself. He makes a mother proud!

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  1. Hi My name is Patricia

    My daughter drank some milk when she was about 9, she started to have a period immediately. She was involved in gymnest activities, as she became more involved in it, she began to complain about her knees.
    I took her to the doctor and he said she a rair disease and she would not be able to continue as a gymnest. Also at 16 she stoped having a regular period and her body stoped making estrogen. With no harmones, you can imagen what she has been going through. She says she feels like the heat is burning her up, and she keeps it very cold in her apartment.

    Is there anything you can tell us that will help her to be healed?
    Patricia or (918) 574-2791 Tulsa, OK 8am is a good time to call