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Art Can Be Hazardous to a Sensitive Little Body

Chemically sensitive children can respond to many environmental factors. School can be hazardous, as reactions to chemicals can emerge in both the physical and emotional bodies. Eventually, over time, these reactions can create an imbalance in their own belief system about who they are and the safety of the world they live in.

It takes time and patience to deal with a chemically sensitive child; yet what better use of our time than to ensure a child’s health and happiness?

One of my sensitive little clients recently reacted to glue and finger paints in his classroom. Red raw cheeks and lips were the outcome. His little body was quick to send this chemical out through his skin, which is not a bad thing of course. And yet for his mom, it was another clear message how chemicals of many sizes and shapes negatively affect him.

Oftentimes, this type of poisoning can lead to emotional outbursts and uncontrollable behavior. Luckily, this was not the case, as he had been detoxing his system for quite a while and his body was quick to expel the culprit through his largest organ, his skin.

What is a mother to do when she has a chemically sensitive artistic little boy who loves to color and draw? This “enlightened” mom knew just what to do. She researched natural art supplies. These powerful little sensitive children don’t have to go without. They simply have to go with the cleanest. This is the site that tested out best for him:

I am grateful for those in the world who recognize that the more we work toward cleaning up our environments, the healthier we will all be in the end…


  1. There is a great video about the products at this link:

  2. Great information.
    I wish more schools were sensitive to children's behavior and would look for root causes, rather than blame the child. Thanks for what you do. Ann