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The Emotion Behind the Sensitivities

Physical symptoms are directly attached to emotional trauma, and the symptoms from chemical sensitivities are no different. Joshua started to recognize that the more frustrated he was with his differences, the more intense his reactions. So our mission now focused on, how do emotions affect his ability to heal?

Joshua came chemically sensitive and became dairy allergic. He was very different from his friends. Or was he? Was it possible that the only difference between Joshua and other children was that he was aware of what caused his symptoms and imbalances. Most of us go through life unconscious choosing instead to become victims. We are not accountable for our own actions and reactions. Joshua learned accountability.

What were his differences? Joshua could not eat food laced with chemicals. That eliminated any food that touted artificial this or preservative that on its label. Think about what that might be like 26 years ago. His choices were limited. It became easy to be resentful. In order to heal at his most intimate level, Joshua had to change his resentments of what he couldn't eat into an appreciation of what he could eat.

He learned to recognize his frustration with those who did not understand the intensity of his reactions to chemicals. Then he learned to change this frustration into forgiving those who continued to abuse his environment with poisons and sprays.

Once again, Joshua became my teacher, and I was the student. My journey with healing emotions began with Josh. This is what we learned:

Phase one:
The liver holds frustration of oneself.
The spleen holds resentment of others.

So.. if we choose to not forgive ourselves, and hold onto frustration too long, we soon make it be about someone else. Now the blame game begins.

Phase 2:
The spleen is directly connected to the mucus membranes.

If we choose not to forgive others and instead choose to continue resent them, it will eventually turn into victimization. This is called the "poor me" mentality. Josh got really good at this and often times found himself drenched in mucus membrane symptoms.

Victimization energy channels into the mucus membranes. What this does at this point is brings it all back to me, where it belongs. Because now I am sick with a sinus infection and don't have the time or energy to worry about someone else. Are you seeing how this works?

Phase 3:
The bronchial tubes hold the energy of resentment of oneself.

Now this victim energy comes back to me where it belongs.. and the healing process can begin. I am now focused on me and my own issues and energetically am detaching from that person or situation that I was so resentful about.

All of this anger and resentment clogs our detox organs - our liver and our spleen. Once clogged, chemicals can easily get stuck within the system, creating stress on the body. Often times, when the liver and spleen cannot do their job, the body will use the skin as a detox organ; hence, skin rashes can appear.

If the mucus membranes are backed up, it can cause allergies, putting great stress on the lymphatic system which in turn can create swollen glands.

What does this tell us? Childen with chemical sensitivities are quick to anger. They are often kind and gentle beings who can explode without warning. They are like little volcanoes waiting for eruptions. Once he recognized this aspect of himself, he could consciously choose differently. As his mom, it was my job to help him see the truth.

So in order to truly heal chemical sensitivities, Joshua had to heal his emotions. He had to come to a place of accepting his differences and loving who he came to be. He had to forgive those who chose to continue using chemicals around him even if they knew it could make him ill. Josh learned to avoid those people and those places with compassion.

It was not an easy journey for Joshua; yet it was always rewarding. He learned that the only way to heal was to change himself. This is how Joshua became a master of change...


  1. Amazing spirit! A big high five to both of you!
    Remarkable attitude!And thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    It makes me and many others like me, cringe a bit to have cribbed over trivial stuff in our lives. So caught up in our own senseless and misplaced anger, expressed without consideration, and the baseless fears that hold us!!
    We make mountains out of mole-hills and neglect to see the bountiful things, present in our lives, to be grateful for.

    Thank you for showing how "we shall overcome!"

  2. Thank you for your lovely note. I accept that high 5 with gratitude! :)