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Have you Been Blessed with a Sensitive Child?

I am blessed with a chemically sensitive child. He was my gift; my teacher who taught me the meaning behind the sensitivities. He came to share information with me so I could share it with you.

I believe that more and more children are showing signs of chemical sensitivities. They often look the same as ADD or ADHD and autism. So how would a parent know if the symptoms their child exhibits are nothing more than sensitivities to chemicals? The only way to know if your child is chemically sensitive is to clean up your act, your home and your environment. The cleaner our water, food and environment became, the healthier Joshua became, both physically and emotionally.

A chemically sensitive child's body needs purity because their filtration systems are sensitive. The more pure the food and drink, the less stress it causes on their liver and spleen. A sensitive person is easily clogged by chemicals and poisons. It's just the nature of the beast.

Alternative medicines such as herbs, vitamins, homeopathics and flower essence help Joshua begin to heal his over-clogged systems. From the beginning, I understood that allopathic medicines were chemicals, and chemicals were his problem. They were off limits to Josh's sensitive nature. I became in expert in the field of alternative therapies.

Yes. I know.. it's a lot of work to be clean in a toxic world. Like anything we partake in life, the more we do it, the better we get at it. Josh and I got really good at making healthy choices so Josh could be healthy. Allowing him the opportunity to live a happy life in a world full of toxins became my mission in life.

My own experiences have taught me that most parents believe they have neither the time nor energy to change their lives for their child. It is easier to give a child a drug to hide the problem. But is it? Are there long term effects to drugging our children? And can they ever be drug free if we don't get to the core of the problem?

Whatever time and energy I spent helping Joshua heal was well worth the effort.


  1. Where does one begin this healing process, specifically with essential oils, etc? My oldest, almost five is a sensitive kid, we've isolated food dye as a culprit but I'm not convinced that's the only trigger. We eat "real food," all of the time. But what can I do to clean out their little bodies in addition to clean eating?

    1. You might begin with Joshua's book called Joshua's Lessons, Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World. There are so many triggers that can send a healthy child into a frenzy in minutes. Joshua learned all his. I helped him by watching and guiding him along the way. He shares his story and I think it might help you and you son as well. You can order it at