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Medicines That Helped Joshua Heal

Drugs were never an option for Josh. Drugs were chemicals and chemicals were the problem. We turned our attention to alternative healing being divinely guided into the world of natural foods and medicines.

My first memory of using alternative remedies was when Josh was very, very young.

Our home was on a long winding country road. Across the street was a field which was home to a number of horses who spent their time grazing in the grass. Josh was 2 years old when my friend and neighbor asked if she could take him for a walk to visit the horses. Within 10 minutes, Kathy was rushing in the door with Joshua in her arms. She was frantic.

She told me that within minutes of getting near the horses, his eyes started to water. Before long they took on the appearance of two golf balls, swollen in their sockets. We could no longer see his eyes, just a small slit from which he could look back at us. Yes, I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. For the first time I thought about rushing him to the nearest hospital. But then I thought, what would they have to offer him? I could never allow any one to administer chemicals with his history. And if they insisted, would the therapy cause more damage than the horses?

Not so coincidentally, I had recently purchased a book called “Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Remedies”. I ran to get my copy and looked up eye problems. I read that the homeopathic remedy called “Apis” might work for eyes that looked swollen as if they were filled with fluid. That’s how I would have described Josh’s eyes – filled with water. I went to my new kit and sure enough, it contained the remedy called “Apis”. I held the small bottle in my hands. And still I was scared.

Josh was staring at me through his two small slits trusting I would know how to help him. At that moment, he had more faith in me than I had in myself. I was entering unknown territory. I pushed my fears aside and popped a few pellets on Josh’s tongue. Within minutes I watched his eyes slowly turn back to normal. It was so quick, so easy, so healing, so non-invasive. That was the day I became a student of homeopathy.

From there, I found a homeopathic doctor that took Josh on as his patient. Dr. Bill loved a good challenge and Joshua fit the bill. Homeopathic remedies became our medicines of choice. I also became a student of herbal supplements and eventually introduced flower essences into our lives. Some of the products Joshua used during his most intense healing times were:

Cleansing Herbs:

Dandelion was used when he was young and sensitive. Dandelion is a gentle tonic to help cleanse the digestive and urinary systems. To this day, in small amounts, I feel it is safe enough for very young babies.

Burdock Root was used as he got older and the chemical sensitivities worsened. It was especially effective for the times when he had skin rashes and hives. It is deeper acting than dandelion and it seemed to be useful if chemicals entered his environment.

Yellowdock came into play when the chemical poisonings were extremely toxic. This was the period of swollen lymph nodes and cysts. Yellowdock helped to drain his lymphatic system so he could heal between poisonings.

Homeopathic Remedies

Josh's constitutional remedy from Dr. Bill was Staphasygria. This was the remedy for the very sensitive being whose senses were acute. Josh could taste and smell things long before the rest of us. It was also the remedy for those who could have outbursts of anger for no apparent reason. This too was a Joshua trait.

What Staphasygria did for Joshua was help him to move the chemical through the body more quickly. If we used it immediately after a chemical poisoning, Joshua symptoms seemed to be less severe and his emotions not as intense. We were pleased with the results we were experiencing.

Can any remedy ever heal chenical sensitivities? I don't think so. How can anything stop our bodies from reacting to a poison. This reaction is our body's way of speaking to us; it is a language. If we stop the language, we may continue to poison ourselves. And why would we want to do that? His remedy allowed him to heal from the poisoning more quickly. It was an answer to a prayer we had been asking for.

Some of the other remedies we used during his healing period included:
Apis - for swelling of the eyes when he came into contact with horses.
Cantharis - when his urinary system was affected.
Natrum Phosphate - to balance an over acidic body
Kali Phos - to help nourish his nervous system
Silicea - To help cleanse his body of poisons and chemicals

Flower Essences:
Emotions are stored in our body parts. Once stored, it is more difficult for the physical body to heal. Flower essences helped Joshua move this stuck energy so his body could heal physically.

Larch - to help maintain a state of confidence and security
Aspen - to calm his anxiety
Mimulus - to face his fears
Willow - to help him forgive

I realize that this type of healing is not for everyone. For those who choose different, however, it is a journey to self realization. What is self realization? It is the moment we recognize that the only one we can change is our "self". And in that moment of recognition, we begin to know that the journey to health begins with our first step toward love and forgiveness. I don't know any other way to get there.


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    1. Ms.Linda,
      Heartfelt thanks to you for all these articles in the blog. You are very generous to have shared your knowledge.
      Most people would have turned cynical or bitter in a situation you were in decades ago coping with a sensitive child. Appreciate your courage and humane spirit.
      Thank you.


  2. What a nice note to awaken to. I appreciate you taking the time to share. Joshua was and continues to be one of my greatest teachers. We can make our experiences in life "bad," or we can choose to make them interesting, amazing, awakening...."