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Why are They so Sensitive?

Since the beginning of time, the Earth has flourished in bountiful harvests, supplying all the necessities her living creatures need in order to survive.

And one day, along comes a great invention.. chemicals. And in man's insane wisdom, our mentality becomes "more is best". We no longer have to live with the insects of the world; we can now eradicate them. We can spray poisons in our air, on our soil and in our water, killing everything in its path. And just suppose, the air, the soil and the water are becoming stressed from all these poisons that we feel we cannot live without. And as the Earth becomes stressed, do we follow suit? But instead of those of us who introduced this poison into our world, it is the next generation, the sensitive little beings being born unto us who can no longer tolerate our insanity.

What if these beautiful babies we birth have chosen to come to this wonderful planet to show us the errors of our ways. How would they do that? Would we recognize their emotions, imbalances and symptoms as language? Are they struggling to focus and learn because their bodies are clogged with additives and preservatives? Are allergies rampant because there is no more room for chemicals and poisons in their little bodies?

Have the crystal children arrived to teach us how to love the joy of nature, free and clear, pure and clean? Are we too busy to notice? Too stressed to change? Is it so easy to give our children drugs because its too hard to deal with the truth?

I believe this new generation of children have a huge mission in this lifetime. They have come to save us from ourselves; and with or without us, they will save our Earth. Their little bodies will scream at us until we realize we are not only poisoning the Earth, we are poisoning our babies.

What will it take to make us stop?

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